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A performance exploring the relationship between the audience and a piece of art.


Thomas Sellick-Newton, inspired by the artwork ‘Chimney Sweep’ at The Wilson gallery in Cheltenham, continues to look at the role of the spectator and the paradox of control over a piece in art and performance.


Photos by Warden Media.

Broken Episodes

Broken Episodes is an immersive Artaud style of performance written and directed by Gloucester resident Thomas Sellick-Newton, artistic director of Atmostheatre, and co-written with Sam Hands and Mark Actinson. This 45 minute theatrical 'in your face' spectacle, integrating both ‘spectator’ and ‘performer’. Creating scenes which not only involve the audience, but also has them thinking about many social, political and domestic issues we still face in the modern world such as: Race, Gender Equality, Sexuality and Homelessness.

Am I Perfect Now?

A performance that engages with stereotypical conditioned views of ‘successful’ ‘desirable’ images and Obliterating it. The action consists of the ‘performer’ in a suit that cost him £60 and eating a total of 10 raw onions over 2.5 hours which causes him to be sick and his nose to run thus destroying the stereotypical ‘perfect’ image with an item that is commonly used for healthy eating.


This action was first performed at the international art festival ‘Tempting Failure’ in Bristol and then was later re-adapted in the Wilson arts gallery in Cheltenham.

How Do I Look?

A performance that lasts 4 hours engaging with the concept of image in society and that of the spectator becoming the performer and the performer becoming the spectator to their own art.


The Action consists of the spectator picking a food item of the list and the performer painting that chosen food on their body. This performance has been performed in Bournemouth, Nottingham at little wolf parade collective and Gloucester at the university of Gloucestershire. It is part of Thomas Sellick-Newton’s series of works looking at image and identity in society.

Self Portrait(s)

A piece by Thomas John Bacon, made with 49 other artists. This examines the concept of multiplicity of one’s self. Lucky to be part of both versions of this piece and PHD research at it’s inception at the MPA festival in Berlin and it’s second version in  Birmingham.

Lost souls in Russia

An LGBT piece protesting against the anti gay propaganda laws in st Petersburg, Russia. The piece consisted of one performer in the middle of a public area near a sign which invited an audience to touch them on the shoulder. When this happened one of ten researched deceased personalities would engulf the actor in the middle in a subtle way and for one minute exactly this member of the public would meet this person and then the performer would sink back down to the floor.


This piece engaged with the tragedy of people murdered for their sexuality or supporting LGBT rights and was live streamed to st Petersburg to protest peacefully against the law to get justice for the case studies of the people and their families. This piece is being talked about being re-adapted for the future. This time not with just one performer but 50-100 in a white gallery space.